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    Eververse data
    (Zenodo, 2020-11-24) Tonra, Justin; European Association for Digital Humanities; Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, National University of Ireland Galway
    Eververse was a yearlong project (2019-20) which synthesised perspectives from the humanities and sciences to develop critical and creative explorations of poetry and poetic identity in the digital age. Deploying tools and methods from poetic theory, data processing and analysis, and Natural Language Generation (NLG), Eververse used data from a quantified self device to automatically generate and publish poetry which correlated with the poet s varying physical states. This record comprises two datasets from Eververse: a copy of the poet's biometric data (JSON format; daily files) which formed the input for the project's custom-built text generator; a copy of the full generated poem (txt format; monthly files). For further information about Eververse, and to read the generated poem, visit the project website: https://eververse.nuigalway.ie/