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    A phonetic comparison of two Irish English varieties
    (International Society of Experimental Linguistics, 2020-10-12) Nicora, Francesca; Cenceschi, Sonia; Meluzzi, Chiara
    This research offers a preliminary survey on vowels and diphthong variation between two Irish English varieties: Galway (GW) and Letterkenny (LK). The results showed only a smaller difference between GW and LK with respect to the monophthongs, whereas a larger difference was found for the MOUTH diphthong. Despite the great amount of literature on English dialects, a phonetic investigation of these specific varieties is still lacking. This study may open the path to further investigations of sociophonetic values and the stereotypes associated with different varieties, in particular those of the northern regions.
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    Impact of prosodic training on Italian as L2 by Hiberno-English speakers: the case of polar questions
    (International Speech Communication Association, 2018-06-13) Nicora, Francesca; McLoughlin, Laura; Gili Fivela, Barbara
    This paper aims at investigating the efficacy of a perceptionproduction training on the production of Italian-L2 yes/no questions by Hiberno-English learners. Our hypotheses are that an intensive prosodic training improves the production of Italian-L2 prosody regarding both 1) the lexical stress patterns and 2) the intonation patterns, in terms of both their phonological composition and the phonetic details of their implementation. Though results are preliminary, the comparison of productions by trained and control subjects shows that, as hypothesized, only the former were able to change the prosodic features of yes/no questions in ItalianL2, improving as for both the lexical stress and the intonation patterns.