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    Calibration, standardization, and quantitative analysis of multidimensional fluorescence (MDF) measurements on complex mixtures (IUPAC Technical Report)
    (De Gruyter, 2017-11-15) Ryder, Alan G.; Stedmon, Colin A.; Harrit, Niels; Bro, Rasmus; Science Foundation Ireland
    This IUPAC Technical Report describes and compares the currently applied methods for the calibration and standardization of multi-dimensional fluorescence (MDF) spectroscopy data as well as recommendations on the correct use of chemometric methods for MDF data analysis. The paper starts with a brief description of the measurement principles for the most important MDF techniques and a short introduction to the most important applications. Recommendations are provided for instrument calibration, sample preparation and handling, and data collection, as well as the proper use of chemometric data analysis methods.