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  • Publication
    Sacrificial Wind
    (National University of Ireland Galway, 2022-03-14) Shaughnessy, Lorna
    [No abstract available]
  • Publication
    The nation in Its labyrinth: An introduction to contemporary Spain since 1898
    (Pressbooks, 2019) Sangrador-Vegas, Begoña
    This is guide specifically written for first year undergraduates taking Spanish, but it will be useful to many other readers, whether university students or the public in general. It aims at navigating the recent history of a fascinating country torn by different ways of understanding its raison d’etre. This manual created by me is meant to highlight the key aspects of this period in Spain in an engaging manner for young undergraduates. The book offers plenty of internet links (both in English and Spanish) in order to supplement the information given in the text. It also suggests titles of films that are readily available and that can make studying history more relevant and engaging. There are also summaries of the content in Spanish for students taking Spanish language courses.