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    Design and characterization of a three-layer collagen-based scaffold to modulate BMSC behaviour for enthesis regeneration
    (Wiley, 2019-04-08) Pugliese, Eugenia; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Horizon 2020
    The enthesis is a specialised tissue interface between tendon and bone, essential for adequate force transmission. Following injuries and surgical repair, the enthesis is often not re-established and traditionally used tissue substitutes have lacked to reproduce the complexity of the native tissue. We hypothesised that a collagen-based three-layer scaffold that mimic the composition of the enthesis, in combination with bioactive molecules, will enhance the functional regeneration of the tissue.
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    Concept design of a new portable medical device for lymphedema monitoring: A EIT Health ClinMed Summer School project
    (SciTePress, 2019) Tisaire, Jordi; Rodrigo, Elena; Ribeiro, Sofia; Ricci, Mariachiara; Cuellar, Juan; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Bayon, Yves; Rocha, Isabel; Seventh Framework Programme; Horizon 2020
    Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive condition derived from impaired lymphatic system function. Lymphedema is incurable, progressive, disfiguring, disabling and has adverse psychosocial effects. Upper extremity lymphedema is mainly the consequence of breast cancer surgery. Several methods to diagnose lymphedema exist; however, these diagnoses are performed once the disease is already close to an advanced, irreversible stage. There is a need to monitor patients at risk with an efficient device. To solve this unmet need, we propose a portable home-monitoring device for early diagnosis of lymphedema. This paper explores all the aspects of the development of a new medical device, such as the assessment of the clinical need and the state of the art, the specifications for the solution, the definition of the broad outlines of the development plan and some considerations about the usability, the risk analysis, the market and the competitors.
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    Empowering translation of new ideas - A EIT Health ClinMed Summer School overview
    (SciTePress, 2019) Ribeiro, Sofia; Ricci, Mariachiara; Von Der Lieth, Albert; Bayon, Yves; Zeugolis, Dimitrios I.; Pelayo, Sylvia; Marque, Isabelle; Pazart, Lionel; EIT-Health; Seventh Framework Programme; Horizon 2020
    Translational research training is crucial to convert academic research ideas into efficient real-life solutions. In this paper a summer school supported by EIT Health is presented. Its main goal is to integrate clinical knowledge in the development of new medical devices, from ideas to post-market approval, in the clinics. Students were immersed in clinical centres where they had close contacts and engaged discussions with clinicians and patients to identify and assimilate clinical unmet needs. From this immersive stage resulted innovative solutions that were further investigated with the support of plenary lectures and by interaction with experts of the medical field, from clinicians to Medtech company representatives. This experience proved to have a positive impact on the student’s understanding of the clinical development life cycle from research findings or new ideas into medical devices.
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    Synthesis of polymer-silica hybrid microparticles with defined geometry using surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
    (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015) del Monte, F.; Lang, Y.; Finn, David P.; Pandit, Abhay; Wang, Wenxin; |~|
    Nanostructured polymer/silica hybrid materials have gained attention as they combine the advantageous properties of organic and inorganic materials in one entity. Herein, we report incorporation of chloromethyl moieties into a living diatom to prepare an alkyl-halide activated siliceous biotemplate. Subsequent, in situ polymerization via surface initiated atom transfer radical polymerization generated a polymer/silica microparticle with defined geometry.