Improving consumer decision making through preference relaxation.

Dabrowski, Maciej
Dabrowski, M. and T. Acton (2010). Improving consumer decision making through preference relaxation. IADIS Information Systems 2010. Porto, Portugal.
In online shopping scenarios, it can be difficult for consumers to process large amounts of information and make a good purchase decision, particularly for multiattributed products selection. Interactive decision aids that support preferential choice using information filtering are a potential solution to this problem. However, current methods that enable filtering based on initial customer preferences may eliminate potentially valuable alternatives early in the decision process, and possibly negatively impact decision quality. Drawing from recent developments in recommender systems and query rewriting, we propose a new method that minimizes the elimination of high quality alternatives early in the decision-making process. We develop a model of such a decision aid and provide an evaluation scenario based on 56915 adverts gathered from popular used car advertising website. We discuss the potential impact of our method and describe the experimental methodology designed to evaluate our research propositions. Finally, we give an overview of the implications of our study for practitioners and researchers.
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