Mechanical properties of compressed wood

Namari, Siavash
Drosky, Lukas
Pudlitz, Bianka
Haller, Peer
Sotayo, Adeayo
Bradley, Daniel
Mehra, Sameer
O'Ceallaigh, Conan
Harte, Annette M.
El-Houjeyri, Imane
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Namari, Siavash, Drosky, Lukas, Pudlitz, Bianka, Haller, Peer, Sotayo, Adeayo, Bradley, Daniel, Mehra, Sameer, O'Ceallaigh, Conan, Harte, Annette M., El-Houjeyri, Imane, Oudjene, Marc, Guan, Zhongwei. (2021). Mechanical properties of compressed wood. Construction and Building Materials, 301, 124269. doi:
Wood is a natural composite material. However, its relatively low mechanical properties restrict the use in advanced structural applications but recent studies have shown that Compressed Wood (CW), with superior mechanical properties due to material densification, could be utilised in timber products and timber connections as an alternative to energy-intensive adhesives and metals. However, the limited literature available on the mechanical properties of CW makes it chanllenging to utilise them in the development of new products and structures. To address this issue, this paper presents a comprehensive test programme and an extensive database of CW materials. It includes experimental results of over 720 material tests that were conducted on CW materials. The fundamental tests under compression, tension, bending, embedment, yield moment, shear and impact tests were undertaken. The results obtained from this study will help engineers utilise more CW to develop new products and connections. The results are also compared with the characteristic values of solid wood from the literature. As the densification of wood significantly improves strength and stiffness, this work will contribute towards the substantial uptake of CW in the building and construction industry with great benefits to the environment.
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