The cell walls of pteridophytes and other green plants - a review

Popper, Zoë A.
Popper ZA. (2006) 'The Cell Walls of Pteridophytes and other green plants a - review'. The Fern Gazette, 17 :315-332.
The cell wall is one of the defining characteristics of plants and is a fundamental component in normal growth and development. Cell wall composition is a potentially valuable source of phylogenetic information as notable similarities and differences exist between and within major embryophyte groups. In particular, there is a pronounced chemical demarcation between the eusporangiate pteridophytes (high mannan, low tannin) and the leptosporangiate pteridophytes (low mannan, high tannin). The results of recent biochemical and immunocytochemical investigations have shown that changes in cell wall composition accompanied the bryophyte–lycopodiophyte and eusporangiate–leptosporangiate transitions.
British Pteridological Society
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