Economic analysis of pig manure treatment options in Ireland.

Troy, Shane M.
Healy, Mark G.
Nolan, T., Troy, S.M., Gilkinson, S., Frost, P., Xie, S., Zhan, X., Harrington, C., Healy, M.G., Lawlor, P.G. (2012) 'Economic analysis of pig manure treatment options in Ireland'. Bioresource Technology, 105 :15-23.
An economic analysis was performed on treatment options for pig manure in Ireland. Costs were based on a 500 sow integrated pig farm producing 10,500 m3 of manure per year at 4.8 % dry matter. The anaerobic digestion of pig manure and grass silage (1:1; volatile solids basis) was unviable under the proposed tariffs, with costs at Euro 5.2 m-3 manure. Subsequent solid-liquid separation of the digestate would cost an additional Euro 12.8 m-3 manure. The treatment of the separated solid fraction by composting and of the liquid fraction by integrated constructed wetlands, would add Euro 2.8 and Euro 4.6 m-3 manure, respectively to the treatment costs. The cost analysis presented showed that the technologies investigated are currently not cost effective in Ireland. Transport and spreading of raw manure, at Euro 4.9 m-3 manure (15 km maximum distance from farm) is the most cost effective option.
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