Eye modelling for personalised intraocular lens design

Sheehan, Matthew
Approximately 20 million cataract operations are performed per year worldwide, routinely removing the opaque cataractous lens and implanting an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Modern technologies used to treat cataract are highly sophisticated and the operation involves remarkable skills; however the IOL power calculation in certain circumstances can be unsatisfactory. Currently the calculation of required IOL power is based on formulas developed from the paraxial geometrical optics equations and/or statistical analysis of retrospective cases. This work aims to improve upon the methodologies currently used to predict required IOL power, particularly for unusual eyes with extreme ocular biometry (e.g. extreme axial length or corneal shape). This work also demonstrates the usefulness of individual personalised ray-tracing eye models in investigations of IOL designs proposed to correct the higher order aberrations of the eye.
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