Automatic taxonomy generation: a use-case in the legal domain

Robin, Cécile
O'Neill, James
Buitelaar, Paul
Robin, Cécile, O'Neill, James, & Buitelaar, Paul. (2017). Automatic taxonomy generation: a use-case in the legal domain. Paper presented at the LTC'17, 8th Language & Technology Conference, Poznań, Poland, 17-19 November.
A key challenge in the legal domain is the adaptation and representation of the legal knowledge expressed through texts, in order for legal practitioners and researchers to access this information more easily and faster to help with compliance related issues. One way to approach this goal is in the form of a taxonomy of legal concepts. While this task usually requires a manual construction of terms and their relations by domain experts, this paper describes a methodology to automatically generate a taxonomy of legal noun concepts. We apply and compare two approaches on a corpus consisting of statutory instruments for UK, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland laws.
LTC'17, 8th Language & Technology Conference
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