An analysis of the 2016 American presidential nominees' tweets: A magical realism perspective

Clohessy, Trevor
Callinan, Colin
Acton, Thomas
Whelan, Eoin
Scott, Murray
Clohessy, Trevor, Callinan, Colin, Acton, Thomas, Whelan, Eoin, & Scott, Murray. (2017). An analysis of the 2016 American presidential nominees’ tweets: A magical realism perspective. Paper presented at the ICIS 2017 International Conference on Information Systems Seoul, Korea.
Twitter is the latest social networking tool said to be reshaping political presidential campaigns. In order to maximize the influence of their messages to voters, presidential nominees often use various techniques to transmit their campaign messages in the most effective way to the electorate. However, there is little scholarship on the use of Twitter as a strategic tool for presidential political campaigns. Using a nuanced magical realism theoretical perspective, this paper seeks to fill this gap through a content analysis of several of the presidential campaign nominees tweets, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein, in the six months leading up to election day on November 8th, 2016. Consequently, this study provides a methodological contribution pertaining to the utilization of magical realism to understand how Twitter is shaping the new political landscape. Furthermore, it provides an illustration of the application of specific techniques which underpin the magical realism concept and how they can be applied by other information system researchers.
NUI Galway
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland