Optical system of aplanatic telescope with a 100 m spherical primary mirror

Druzhin, Vladislav V.
Puryaev, Daniil T.
Goncharov, Alexander V.
Vladislav, V. Druzhin, Daniil, T. Puryaev, & Alexander, V. Goncharov. (2022). Optical system of aplanatic telescope with a 100 m spherical primary mirror. Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 8(2), 024005. doi: 10.1117/1.JATIS.8.2.024005
We propose an optical system of an extremely large telescope for ground-based or planetary use. The system comprises a segmented spherical mirror with a diameter of 100 m and f-number of f/1. There are three annular zones on the primary mirror, which corresponds to three annular telescopes (ATs) with f-numbers f/2, f/3.2, and f/5.2, all using a concave cardioidal secondary mirror with a maximum diameter of 3.18 m. This two-mirror system satisfies Fermat¿s principle and the Abbe¿s sine condition. The central zone of the primary mirror with a diameter of 23.8 m is used for the central three-mirror telescope, which is based on an afocal two-mirror system with a convex aspheric secondary mirror with a diameter of 3 m. Four possible configurations are presented for the central telescope, which makes it possible to vary the f-number in a wide range with design examples given for f/1, f/4.2, f/14, and f/33 systems. The ATs form three coherent images of the same astronomical object, which offers possibilities of simultaneous observations at three different wavelengths or image processing of a combined image with enhanced angular resolution. The main goal of the paper is to investigate the properties of new optical systems for ground-based and space telescopes with a fast spherical primary mirror for which aberration correction is achieved with a minimum number of auxiliary aspheric mirrors near the prime focus.
Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers
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