Use of a barbed suture tie-over technique for skin graft dressings: a case series

Joyce, Kenneth M
Joyce, Cormac W
Mahon, Nicola
Kelly, Jack L
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Joyce, Kenneth M; Joyce, Cormac W; Mahon, Nicola; Kelly, Jack L (2015). Use of a barbed suture tie-over technique for skin graft dressings: a case series. Archives of Plastic Surgery 42 (3), 341-345
Background A tie-over dressing is the accepted method to secure skin grafts in order to prevent haematoma or seroma formation. We describe the novel application of a barbed suture tie-over for skin graft dressing. The barbs act as anchors in the skin so constant tensioning of the suture is not required. Methods From January 2014 to August 2014 we used the technique in 30 patients with skin defects requiring split-thickness or full-thickness grafts. Patient demographics, clinicopathological details and graft outcome were collected prospectively. Results The majority of cases were carried out for split-thickness skin grafts (n=19) used on the lower limb (n=20). The results of this novel technique were excellent with complete (100%) graft take in all patients. Conclusions Our results demonstrate the clinical application of a barbed device for securing skin grafts with excellent results. We find the technique quick to perform and the barbed device easy to handle, which can be applied without the need for an assistant.
Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
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