Activating social empathy: An evaluation of a school-based social and emotional learning programme

Silke, Charlotte
Davitt, Emer
Flynn, Niamh
Shaw, Aileen
Brady, Bernadine
Murray, Clíona
Dolan, Pat
Silke, Charlotte, Davitt, Emer, Flynn, Niamh, Shaw, Aileen, Brady, Bernadine, Murray, Clíona, & Dolan, Pat. (2024). Activating Social Empathy: An evaluation of a school-based social and emotional learning programme. Social and Emotional Learning: Research, Practice, and Policy, 3, 100021. doi:
Previous evidence suggests that empathy is important for promoting positive youth development, and there is growing advocacy for the inclusion of empathy education within the school system. However, knowledge about the efficacy of empathy-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programmes in post-primary school settings is limited. The current research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel, empathy-based SEL programme (i.e., Activating Social Empathy; ASE) in promoting empathy and prosocial responding among secondary school students in Ireland.
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)