Optical Observations of PSR J0205+6449

Shearer, Andrew
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A. Shearer and V. V. Neustroev...(2008)Optical Observations of PSR J0205+6449, A. Shearer and V. V. Neustroev
PSR J0205+6449 is a X-ray and radio pulsar in supernova remnant 3C 58. We report on observations of the central region of 3C 58 using the 4.2-m William Herschel Telescope with the intention of identifying the optical counterpart of PSR J0205+6449 and characterising its pulsar wind nebula. Around the pulsar position we identified extended emission with a magnitude of $B = 23 \fm 97 \pm 0.10$, $V = 22 \fm 95 \pm 0.05$ and $R = 22 \fm 15 \pm 0.03$ consistent with a pulsar wind nebula. From the R-band image we identified three knots with $m_R$ = $24 \fm 08 \pm 0.07$ (o1), $24 \fm 15 \pm 0.07$ (o2) and $24 \fm 24 \pm 0.08$ (o3). We confirm the presence of an optical pulsar wind nebula around PSR J0205+6449 and give an upper limit of $m_R \approx$ 24 for the optical magnitude of the pulsar. Furthermore we make the tentative suggestion that our object o1, with an $m_R \approx$ 24.08 is the optical counterpart. If confirmed the pulsar would have an $L_R/L_x\approx 0.004$ and an optical efficiency of about 5% of the Crab pulsar. Such a low efficiency is more consistent with the characteristic age of the pulsar rather than that of SN 1181.
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