Strategy Process in Technology Transfer Offices

Fitzgerald, Ciara
This study focuses on actors and activities of the technology transfer process from the perspective of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) where the TTO acts as a boundary spanner in the triple helix of academy, industry and government entities. The purpose of this study, using strategy process theory, is to explore the extent to which TTOs are the key actors and influencers in the commercialisation of research from universities by exploring the extent to which the TTOs engage in strategy process. Motivating the decision to undertake such a study was the belief that, in more explicitly investigating the processes of the TTO, one could contribute to the understanding of 'how' the TTO engages in strategic choice. The study used an in depth multi case study approach using a full population of Irish university TTOs, incorporating interviews and secondary data. Overall, the findings compares two approaches of TTOs to strategic choice; strategy takers and strategy makers and uses this finding to explain the differences in their process within the context of the National Innovation Framework. Moreover, a cross case analysis of different actors influence in the seven cases improves our understanding of the factors influencing the strategy process at a meso-level.
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