Modelling exposure to pharmaceutical agents

Coggins, Marie
Cherrie, J.W., Gilles, A.T., Sleeuwenhoel, A., Can Tongeren, M., McDonnell, P., Coggins, M., Bailey, S.R. (2009) 'Modelling exposure to pharmaceutical agents'. Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 151 (1).
Aerosol exposure to the active ingredients of pharmaceuticals arises in research, development and manufacturing. In most instances it is only possible to make small numbers of measurements of exposure and given the inter- and intra-individual variability it is often difficult to obtain sufficient objective data to make reliable decisions about the appropriateness of control measures. This paper describes the development and validation of an exposure model with the potential to predict airborne exposure from both new and existing operations. The model could be used to more efficiently target exposure measurement resources.
Institute of Physics
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