Lean Six Sigma as an enabler for healthcare operational excellence in COVID-19

McDermott, Olivia
Antony, Jiju
McDermott, Olivia, & Antony, Jiju. (2021). Lean Six Sigma as an enabler for healthcare operational excellence in COVID-19. Paper presented at the International Conference on Lean Six Sigma, Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana, USA, 22-23 June, doi:10.5703/1288284317340
Purpose -This paper aims to present the results of a qualitative research interview study on the utilization and importance of Lean Six Sigma methods in the Healthcare sector in COVID-19 and in pandemics in general. Design/methodology/approach -a qualitative interview approach was utilised by interviewing leading Lean Six Sigma academics and practitioners who are expert in and have experience in Lean Six Sigma. Findings – Lean Six Sigma methods are proven and can be utilised in pandemic situations to improve efficiency and resilience in the healthcare system and readiness for pandemics. Research limitations/implications - One limitation of this research was that most of the interviewees who participated in this study come from Europe. Also, the interviews were short and at a high level. There is an opportunity for further detailed quantitative study and longitudinal case study analysis Originality - The paper provides an excellent resource to get an insight into the value of the application of Lean Six Sigma methods in pandemic situations to aid Healthcare process improvement, operational excellence and enhance public and patient safety
Purdue University
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