Developing innovation competences in schools. A practical perspective

Fazlagić, Jan
Kaczmarek, Mirosława
Connolly, Cornelia
Fazlagić, Jan, Kaczmarek, Mirosława, & Connolly, Cornelia. (2022). Developing innovation competences in schools. A practical perspective. e-mentor, 4(96), 60-69. doi:
This article argues that the development of innovation competences should take a more formalised role within the national education curriculum. The authors have developed a list of eighteen competences based on literature review and consultations with experts, with empirical results from a national study commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Development. The main purpose of the study was to propose a set of measures and recommendations in regard to the national reform of the education system in Poland. Based on extensive empirical data from that study the authors propose a set of hypotheses necessary to further investigate the possible relationships between variables analysed during the study commissioned by the Ministry, which include some of the demographic characteristics of Polish teachers in regard to their attitudes towards those competences. Although this is not the first endeavour in research on education to develop such a set of competences, the added value of this particular study is the acceptance and implementation of the research findings as a national benchmark in the Polish national education system. The results are of value to both teachers and teacher educators, and we position our research as Translational Research, attempting to bridge the gap between basic research and the world of practice, which involves teachers, as well as school and system-level leaders.
Szkola Glowna Handlowa w Warszawie (SGH Warsaw) School of Economics and the Foundation for the Promotion and Accreditation of Economic Education
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