A search for brief optical flashes associated with the SETI target KIC 8462852

Gillanders, Gary
Lang, Mark
Abeysekara, AU,Archambault, S,Archer, A,Benbow, W,Bird, R,Buchovecky, M,Buckley, JH,Byrum, K,Cardenzana, JV,Cerruti, M,Chen, X,Christiansen, JL,Ciupik, L,Cui, W,Dickinson, HJ,Eisch, JD,Errando, M,Falcone, A,Fegan, DJ,Feng, Q,Finley, JP,Fleischhack, H,Fortin, P,Fortson, L,Furniss, A,Gillanders, GH,Griffin, S,Grube, J,Gyuk, G,Hutten, M,Hakansson, N,Hanna, D,Holder, J,Humensky, TB,Johnson, CA,Kaaret, P,Kar, P,Kelley-Hoskins, N,Kertzman, M,Kieda, D,Krause, M,Krennrich, F,Kumar, S,Lang, MJ,Lin, TTY,Maier, G,McArthur, S,McCann, A,Meagher, K,Moriarty, P,Mukherjee, R,Nieto, D,O'Brien, S,de Bhroithe, AO,Ong, RA,Otte, AN,Park, N,Perkins, JS,Petrashyk, A,Pohl, M,Popkow, A,Pueschel, E,Quinn, J,Ragan, K,Ratliff, G,Reynolds, PT,Richards, GT,Roache, E,Santander, M,Sembroski, GH,Shahinyan, K,Staszak, D,T (2016) 'A SEARCH FOR BRIEF OPTICAL FLASHES ASSOCIATED WITH THE SETI TARGET KIC 8462852'. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 818 .
The F-type star KIC. 8462852 has recently been identified as an exceptional target for search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) observations. We describe an analysis methodology for optical SETI, which we have used to analyze nine hours of serendipitous archival observations of KIC. 8462852 made with the VERITAS gamma-ray observatory between 2009 and 2015. No evidence of pulsed optical beacons, above a pulse intensity at the Earth of approximately 1 photon m(-2), is found. We also discuss the potential use of imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope arrays in searching for extremely short duration optical transients in general.
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