Protein and microsatellite single locus variability in salmo salar l. (atlantic salmon)

Sánchez, J A
Clabby, C
Ramos, D
Blanco, G
Flavin, F
Vázquez, E
Powell, R
Sánchez, J A; Clabby, C; Ramos, D; Blanco, G; Flavin, F; Vázquez, E; Powell, R (1996). Protein and microsatellite single locus variability in salmo salar l. (atlantic salmon). Heredity 77 , 423-432
We describe genetic variation at three microsatellite single loci and six allozyme loci of seven natural Atlantic salmon populations from Ireland and Spain. A comparison of genetic variability detected at both types of loci is performed. Also, the relative value of microsatellite single locus variability with regard to the identification of individual salmon populations is assessed. Microsatellite loci are shown to display higher levels of variation than allozyme loci. Mean number of alleles (6+/-1.53) and heterozygosity (0.46+/-0.04) at microsatellite loci are greater than those found for allozymes (1.85+/-0.05 and 0.21+/-0.03, respectively), and some microsatellite alleles appear to be specific for a location or geographical area. Allozyme and microsatellite variation show the same pattern of differentiation between populations with Irish and Spanish populations grouped into different clusters. However, greater values of genetic distance were found among microsatellite (D=0.0747+/-0.011) rather than among allozyme loci (D=0.0449+/-0.008). These results provide evidence that microsatellite-based analysis of genetic variation will be useful in the identification of individual populations of Atlantic salmon.
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