SALT: Semantically Annotated LATEX

Groza, Tudor
Handschuh, Siegfried
Kim, Hak Lae
Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh, Hak Lae Kim "SALT: Semantically Annotated LATEX", Proceeding of the 1st Semantic Authoring and Annotation Workshop (SAAW 2006), in conjunction with ISWC 2006, 2006.
Machine-understandable data constitutes the basis for the Semantic Desktop. We provide in this paper means to author and annotate Semantic Documents on the Desktop. In our approach, the PDF file format is the basis for semantic documents, which store both a document and the related metadata in a single file. To achieve this we provide a framework, SALT that extends the Latex writing environment and supports the creation of metadata for scientific publications. SALT lets the scientific author create metadata while putting together the content of a research paper. We discuss some of the requirements one has to meet when developing such an ontology-based writing environment and we describe a usage scenario.
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