Model for the Benefit Analysis of ICT

Halonen, Raija
Martikainen, O. & Halonen, R. (2011). "Model for the Benefit Analysis of ICT". 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems, Detroit, Michigan, 5-7 August.
The ratio between success and failure in ICT projects suggests a need for improved understanding of the ICTimplementations. New methods to evaluate the ICT projects are sought. While process modeling has been under way inorganizations for decades, this paper presents a new approach to analyzing benefits based on the introduction of ICT services.In our approach the success of ICT projects is evaluated by analyzing the productivity benefits they enable in the businessprocesses of the users. In its novel way, this paper points out the significant role of interacting processes and related actors.With the help of the Three Viewpoint Model (3VPM) and skill-matrix approaches the critical factors related to improvementbenefits can be found. Our tool allows analyzing and evaluating the output at the time even when the ICT project is notcompleted, also taking into account the dynamic nature of processes.
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