Enterprise resource planning for e-Government in the cloud

Clohessy, Trevor
Acton, Thomas
Clohessy, Trevor , & Acton, Thomas. (2013). Enterprise resource planning for e-Government in the cloud. Paper presented at the ICTIC 2013 (Information and Communication Technologies - International Conference), 2nd International Conference, March 25 – 29.
E-Government has long endured a myriad of problematic issues associated with traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP). Cloud computing is being lionized as a nascent platform that possesses the capabilities to reduce costs and drive radical innovations throughout all spheres of e-Government. One such low hanging fruit is that of Cloud ERP which is positioned as a revolutionary approach to the traditional ERP implementation. In this reflection paper, we use the 5-4-3 cloud stack layer model to identify value potential for particular aspects of cloud computing in ERP for e-Government provision.
ICTIC (Information and Communication Technologies - International Conference)
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