A survey of unidentified egret sources at very high energies

Fegan, S. J.
Badran, H. M.
Bond, I. H.
Boyle, P. J.
Bradbury, S. M.
Buckley, J. H.
Carter‐Lewis, D. A.
Catanese, M.
Celik, O.
Cui, W.
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Fegan, S. J. Badran, H. M.; Bond, I. H.; Boyle, P. J.; Bradbury, S. M.; Buckley, J. H.; Carter‐Lewis, D. A.; Catanese, M.; Celik, O.; Cui, W.; Daniel, M.; D’Vali, M.; de la Calle Perez, I.; Duke, C.; Falcone, A.; Fegan, D. J.; Finley, J. P.; Fortson, L. F.; Gaidos, J. A.; Gammell, S.; Gibbs, K.; Gillanders, G. H.; Grube, J.; Hall, J.; Hall, T. A.; Hanna, D.; Hillas, A. M.; Holder, J.; Horan, D.; Jarvis, A.; Jordan, M.; Kenny, G. E.; Kertzman, M.; Kieda, D.; Kildea, J.; Knapp, J.; Kosack, K.; Krawczynski, H.; Krennrich, F.; Lang, M. J.; Le Bohec, S.; Lessard, R. W.; Linton, E.; Lloyd‐Evans, J.; Milovanovic, A.; McEnery, J.; Moriarty, P.; Mukherjee, R.; Muller, D.; Nagai, T.; Nolan, S.; Ong, R. A.; Pallassini, R.; Petry, D.; Power‐Mooney, B.; Quinn, J.; Quinn, M.; Ragan, K.; Rebillot, P.; Reynolds, P. T.; Rose, H. J.; Schroedter, M.; Sembroski, G. H.; Swordy, S. P.; Syson, A.; Vassiliev, V. V.; Wakely, S. P.; Walker, G.; Weekes, T. C.; Zweerink, J. (2005). A survey of unidentified egret sources at very high energies. The Astrophysical Journal 624 (2), 638-655
The Whipple Observatory 10 m γ-ray telescope has been used to survey the error boxes of EGRET unidentified sources in an attempt to find counterparts at energies of 350 GeV and above. Twenty-one unidentified sources detected by EGRET (more than 10% of the total number) have been included in this survey. In no case is a statistically significant signal found in the EGRET error box, which implies that, at least for this sample, the γ-ray spectra of these sources steepen between 100 MeV and 350 GeV. For each EGRET source location, we list candidate associations and derive upper limits on the integral γ-ray flux above 350 GeV.
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