Addressing the long term impacts of aphasia: How far does the Conversation Partner Programme go?

Mc Menamin, Ruth
Tierney, Edel
Mac Farlane, Anne
Ruth Mc Menamin, Edel Tierney & Anne Mac Farlane (2015) Addressing the long-term impacts of aphasia: how far does the Conversation Partner Programme go?, Aphasiology, 29:8, 889-913, DOI: 10.1080/02687038.2015.1004155
Approximately 176,000 new individuals in the United Kingdom and Ireland are diagnosed with stroke annually with up to one third experiencing aphasia. Qualitative research methods are increasingly used to capture the complexity of service users’ experiences of health and illness; however, the voice of service users with aphasia continues to be limited in published healthcare literature. This participatory research study included people with aphasia as co-researchers in the exploration of aphasia and a Conversation Partner Programme (CPP)
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