Work-related quality of life of occupational therapists in Ireland

Hogan, Victoria
Hynes, Sinéad
Hogan, Michael
Hodgins, Margaret
Hogan, Victoria, Hynes, Sinéad, Hogan, Michael, & Hodgins, Margaret. Work-related quality of life of occupational therapists in Ireland. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, doi: 10.1177/03080226231208055
Introduction: Research focused on workforce issues and the working conditions of occupational therapists in Ireland is limited. The aim of this study was to characterise quality of working life and well-being in Irish occupational therapists. Method: A cross-sectional, electronic survey of occupational therapists working in Ireland was conducted. The questionnaire included measures of quality of working life, well-being, workload, organisational constraints and turnover intentions. Results: A total of 157 occupational therapists completed the survey. Quality of work life and well-being scores were lower than available norms. Organisational constraints and workload predicted lower quality of working life, F(7,119) = 13.669, p < 0.0005, while organisational constraints was the only significant predictor of well-being, F(10,123) = 3.698, p < 0.0005. Lower quality of working life predicted turnover intention, F(1,139) = 63.004. p < 0.0005. Conclusion: Results indicate that organisational constraints and workload are significant predictors of lower quality of working life. Lower quality of working life is also related to turnover intention. Quality of working life studies such as this can provide a form of problem diagnosis, in highlighting organisational factors that impede quality of working life.
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