ModSCO. Online Reduced Order Models (ROM) to address the performance gap

Piccinini, Alessandro
Blanes, Luis M.
Seri, Federico
D'Angelo, Letizia
Keane, Marcus M.
Piccinini, Alessandro, Blanes, Luis M., Seri, Federico, D’Angelo, Letizia, & Keane, Marcus M. (2019). ModSCO. Online Reduced Order Models (ROM) to Address the Performance Gap. Proceedings, 20(1), 18. doi:10.3390/proceedings2019020018
This communication presents ModSCO, a web application that supports systematic energy performance evaluation using Reduced Order Models (ROM). These models are particularly useful in scenario with missing, incomplete or uncertain building information. The paper describes the theory behind ROM grey-box modelling and presents case studies that support the smart operation of energy systems by generating Energy Conservation Opportunities (ESCOs) for instance, to help ISO 50001 implementation. The ROM demonstrated to provide accurate results with a reduced effort. The acceptable calibration tolerance provided by the ASHRAE Guideline 14 is been used to demonstrate the ROM s accuracy. Additionally, the ModSCO architecture and user interface is also described.
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland