Towards earlier discharge, better outcomes, lower cost: stroke rehabilitation in Ireland

Gillespie, Paddy
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Gillespie, Paddy et al. (2014) Towards earlier discharge, better outcomes, lower cost: stroke rehabilitation in Ireland. The Economic and Social Research Institute, .
'Towards Earlier Discharge, Better Outcomes, Lower Cost' is a new and valuable study which adds to our understanding of how to better patient outcomes within the budgetary realities of our current healthcare system. This study, undertaken by the ESRI and the RCSI with the support of the Irish Heart Foundation, provides a strong economic justification for policy makers to develop Ireland's community rehabilitation and care services, and equally, shows the potential benefits for patients that can come from healthcare research. This study brought together a range of disciplines and expertise to build on the previous Irish Heart Foundation-supported study, The Cost of Stroke in reland, undertaken by researchers at the ESRI and RCSI. We would like to acknowledge the hard work and input of all those involved in the research for this study, especially the researchers in the ESRI, NUIG, RCSI, King's College London and the team in the IHF. We would also like to acknowledge the invaluable guidance of the steering group, many of whom are clinical professionals directly involved in delivering stroke care. We would like to thank the HSE for contributing funding to this research. It is hoped that more research of this nature, which provides an evidence base for the development of Irish healthcare, might be considered in the near future.
The Economic and Social Research Institute
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