Developing a scorecard for enterprise knowledge management

Cormican, Kathryn
Cormican, K. (2002) Developing a scorecard for enterprise knowledge management 8th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising Rome, Italy, 2002-06-17- 2002-06-19
Enterprise knowledge management is becoming a critical component of competitive success. Managers must ensure that they can successfully generate, leverage and reuse knowledge assets in their organisations. In this view, they must seek to develop an environment that promotes effective knowledge management initiatives. Self-assessment audits can help managers and decision makers ascertain whether they are incorporating best practices in terms of knowledge management initiatives. This paper presents findings from an exploratory case study analysis. Specifically, it presents a knowledge management scorecard expressly designed to help managers to measure their performance in terms of knowledge management against best practice. It helps to provide an overview of a company¿s strengths and areas for improvement with regard to knowledge management, highlighting those areas that require attention. In this view, it serves as a checklist for knowledge management.
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