A Framework for a Strategic Repositioning Strategy: A Case Study of Bulmers Original Cider

Ryan, Paul
Moroney, Mike
Geoghegan, Will
Cunningham, James
Ryan, P., Moroney, M., Geoghegan, W., & Cunningham, J. (2007). A Framework for a Strategic Repositioning Strategy: A Case Study of Bulmers Original Cider. Irish Journal Of Management, 28(1), 81-102.
Repositioning is conscious adaptation to a changing environment, representing a fundamental shift in the firm's value proposition (Turner, 2003). Repositioning as a pure play is largely neglected in the strategy literature, while empirical studies are rare. This paper explores the concept and process of strategic repositioning, based on the case of Bulmers cider in Ireland. A framework for successful repositioning is proposed, with six elements: core strategic values, strategic flexibility/learning capabilities, customer awareness and sensitivity, external orientation, management commitment, and belief in the product and brand. The Bulmers case affirms the ontological status of repositioning as a viable strategy. The case also indicates that repositioning is a feasible means of strategic change, which is transformational with limited scale, and is largely intellectual and enacted with strategic learning. This paper affirms the external/internal duality and need for an evolutionary, repositioning process of Turner (2003). It also extends Turner's study due to the successful and more persuasive context of the Bulmers study, and by providing a tentative template for successful repositioning.
Irish Academy of Management
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