Diatoms: a biotemplating approach to fabricating drug delivery reservoirs

Chao, Joshua T
Biggs, Manus JP
Pandit, Abhay S
Chao, Joshua T; Biggs, Manus JP; Pandit, Abhay S (2014). Diatoms: a biotemplating approach to fabricating drug delivery reservoirs. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 11 (11), 1687-1695
Biotemplating is a rapidly expanding subfield that utilizes nature-inspired systems and structures to create novel functional materials, and it is through these methods that the limitations of current engineering practices may be advanced. The diatom is an exceptional template for drug delivery applications, owing largely to its highly-ordered pores, large surface area, species-specific architecture, and flexibility for surface modifications. Diatoms have been studied in a wide range of biomedical applications and their potential as the next frontier of drug delivery has yet to be fully exploited. In this editorial, the authors aim to review the use of diatoms in the delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs as reported in the literature, discuss the progress and advancements that have been made thus far, identify the shortcomings and limitations in the field, and, lastly, present their expert opinion and convey the future outlook on biotemplating approaches for drug delivery.
Informa Healthcare
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