On lexicographical networks

Ahmadi, Sina
Arcan, Mihael
McCrae, John
Ahmadi, Sina, Arcan, Mihael, & McCrae, John. (2018). On lexicographical networks. Paper presented at the Workshop on eLexicography: Between Digital Humanities and Artificial Intelligence, Galway, Ireland, 06 December.
In this study, we analyze various aspects of lexicographical networks. We would like to answer our research questions of what are the characteristics of the lexicographical networks? In addition to the existing notions of networks analysis, what new notions can be defined to describe such networks? Ultimately, we would like to address one of the main challenges in e-lexicography which is to find more efficient linking solutions with respect to relations between two sets of entities. Lexical data linking is the task of building relations between entities in different languages aiming to extend knowledge across lexicons and improving e-lexicography applications.
NUI Galway
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland