Shaping the agenda 2: implications for workplace mediation training, standards and practice in Ireland

Curran, Deirdre
Barry, Brian
Bouchier, Margaret
Coakley, Alec
Dillon, James
Joyce, Cyril
Kenny, Treasa
Meehan, Louisa
Kokaylo, Oksana
Murray, Genevieve
Curran, D. et al. (2016). Shaping the Agenda 2: Implications for Workplace Mediation Training, Standards and Practice in Ireland (pp. 46). Maynooth.
The aim of this project is two-fold: To provide a comprehensive review of the international literature regarding the competencies, skills, and behaviours of effective workplace mediators and To provide an analysis of the implications of this review for mediation practice, standards and training in Ireland. The outcomes of the project are contained in two documents: Shaping the Agenda 1: A literature review of the competencies, skills and behaviours of effective workplace mediators. Shaping the Agenda 2: Implications for training, standards and practice of workplace mediation in Ireland. It is not essential to read both documents in sequence. This document, Shaping the Agenda 2, has a practical and applied focus and can be read independently of Shaping the Agenda 1, the accompanying theoretical, reference document. This report uses a parallel structure to Shaping the Agenda 1, so that the reader can easily refer back to that document where necessary. This report takes each section of the first document in turn and discusses the implications of the theory for practice.
Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (KIWMRG)
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