Publication - Semantic Information Discovery, Browsing and Sharing

Gzella, Adam
Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard
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Adam Gzella, Sebastian Ryszard Kruk " - Semantic Information Discovery, Browsing and Sharing", Proceedings of the Semantic Web Challenge, in conjunction with ISWC 2007, 2007.
Searching for information on the Internet became much easier when Google started delivering their service. We got used to getting the most important (probably) results on the top of the list. But more and more people realize the limitations of this solution: long list of results - so we never know if the ordering is really the most effective; polluting results ordering with advertisements, and last but not least, almost complete unawareness of meta-data, and what is more, semantics. The future Web, the one we build as we speak, is the web of highly interconnected meta-data (semantics) and information heavily contributed by the communities of users. Therefore we need more robust, and also more user friendly, solutions to information discovery and sharing. In this article we present, a service that allows to aggregate metadata-rich information from various types of social semantic information sources, and provides interesting solutions to further information discovery, browsing, and sharing.
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