Decisive and Incisive - The Path of DSS

Sharkey, Ultan
Acton, Thomas
Conboy, Kieran
Sharkey, U., Acton, T. and Conboy, K. (2008) "Decisive and Incisive - The Path of DSS", Irish Social Science Platform Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin, Sept 11 - 12.
Through this study we explore the literature discussing what management information systems are what decision support systems are in an attempt to clarify the taxonomies available in the literature into a holistic discourse. The concepts are defined and discussed, the historical path of the systems' definitions are diagrammed and discussed and each taxonomy found through the literature search is framed with regard to the whole. In this work we offer a diagram charting the systemic elements which are core to the definition of what each of these systems are. This diagram is useful in explaining where an information system fits into the taxonomies found in the literature. Through this we have described the path of information systems from the processing of electronic transaction data through to expert systems. In particular we have focussed on the elements of management information systems and decision support systems and their place within the available taxonomies.
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