Entrepreneurial marketing and born global internationalisation in China

Andersson, Svante
Evers, Natasha
Gliga, Gliga
Andersson, Svante, Evers, Natasha, & Gliga, Gabriela. (2018). Entrepreneurial marketing and born global internationalisation in China. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 21(2), 202-231, doi:10.1108/QMR-11-2016-0115
Purpose This study aims to explore the entrepreneurial marketing (EM) behaviour of Swedish born globals entering the Chinese market through their international networks. Drawing from the network theory of small firm internationalisation, this study is positioned in the domain of EM, and thus captures the relevance of EM behaviour to explain how born globals internationalise through their networks.Design/methodology/approach A qualitative case study approach of two Swedish born global companies active in the Chinese market is used. The network theory helps analyse the data in the three phases of firm internationalisation processes.Findings The study shows the importance of networks for the enactment of EM for born globals. The study traces the evolution of network development in the market entry process of born globals and highlights the importance of aligning network leverage with contextual factors for market performance.Research limitations/implications The generalisation of the findings is limited due to the exploratory nature of the study and the size of the research sample.Practical implications Management of different types of networks is essential in the entry process and further growth of born globals in the Chinese market. In addition, born globals operating in psychically distant and complex institutionally contexts can especially gain support from intermediary networks.Originality/value This study extends knowledge of international entrepreneurship by demonstrating that born global managers can enact EM behaviour by leveraging networks to gain rapid entry into the Chinese market. It further highlights the role of firms' networks in the EM activities in their internationalisation. The conceptual underpinnings of EM and network theory provide greater understanding of how born globals enter and grow their psychically distant markets.
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