The ups and downs of working with industry to collect fishery-dependent data: the irish experience

Lordan, C.
O Cuaig, M.
Graham, N.
Rihan, D.
Lordan, C. O Cuaig, M.; Graham, N.; Rihan, D. (2011). The ups and downs of working with industry to collect fishery-dependent data: the irish experience. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68 (8), 1670-1678
Working with the fishing industry to collect fishery-dependent data for scientific and advisory purposes is essential in most countries, but despite the many advantages of working with fishers, it is not without challenges. The objectives and the ups and downs of 16 recent projects in Ireland are described, and four case studies are discussed in detail. Some common themes that characterize both successful and unsuccessful experiences are identified. One critical aspect is industry's sometimes unrealistic time-horizons and expectations when engaging in scientific data collection. Detailed communication of objectives, procedures, results, and relevance not only to industry representatives, but also to vessel owners and crew, is required throughout the life cycle of a project. For some projects, there is a clear need to include incentives in the design, but for others this is less critical. The critical needs for ongoing quality control and assurance, validation of data, and appropriate project design are discussed, along with the link between successful management systems and participatory research. Finally, comment is provided on how the expected reforms of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy will place new demands on joint research.
Oxford University Press (OUP)
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