On spirituality and education: keynote paper.

Hogan, M. J.
Hogan, M. J. (2009) 'On Spirituality and Education: Keynote Paper'. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 4 :138-143.
It is a mistake to ignore the scientific study of spirituality. Research examining the structure and function of concepts such as 'spirit' and 'spirituality' is likely to reveal new insights into the relationship between a functional spirituality and other thinking skills, including creativity. The study of spirituality should not stand alone as a discrete, somewhat eccentric, focus of enquiry. There should, instead, be an effort at synthesis with mainstream psychological science and basic and applied research in the field of education. There should be some effort made to examine the functional significance of a functional spirituality. Educational researchers should feel free to consider spirituality as a focus for dialogue and exchange with colleagues and students alike. The students in my class, and some of my colleagues, may have at first recoiled slightly when I began asking them for their thoughts on spirituality, but the dialogue has been truly stimulating, interesting, and enlightening.
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