The NEPOMUK Project - On the way to the Social Semantic Desktop

Groza, Tudor
Handschuh, Siegfried
Möller, Knud
Tudor Groza, Siegfried Handschuh, Knud Möller, Gunnar Grimnes, Leo Sauermann, Enrico Minack, Cédric Mesnage, Mehdi Jazayeri, Gerald Reif, Rósa Gudjónsdottir "The NEPOMUK Project - On the way to the Social Semantic Desktop", Proceedings of I-SEMANTICS 2007, Graz, Austria, 2007.
This paper introduces the NEPOMUK project which aims to create a standard and reference implementation for the Social Semantic Desktop. We outline the requirements and functionalities that were identified for a useful Semantic Desktop system and present an architecture that fulfills these requirements which was acquired by incremental refinement of the architecture of existing Semantic Desktop prototypes. The NEPOMUK project is primarily motivated by three real-life industrial use-cases, we briefly outline these and the processes used to extract required functionalities from the people working in these areas today, and we present a selection of typical tasks where the Semantic Desktop could be of benefit.
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