Communication to promote and support physical distancing for COVID‐19 prevention and control

Ryan, Rebecca E.
Silke, Charlotte
Parkhill, Anne
Virgona, Ariane
Merner, Bronwen
Hurley, Shauna
Walsh, Louisa
de Moel-Mandel, Caroline
Schonfeld, Lina
Edwards, Adrian GK.
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Ryan, Rebecca E., Silke, Charlotte, Parkhill, Anne, Virgona, Ariane, Merner, Bronwen, Hurley, Shauna, Walsh, Louisa de Moel-Mandel, Caroline, Schonfeld, Lina, Edwards, Adrian GK., Kaufman, Jessica, Cooper, Alison, Kar Yee Chung, Rachel, Solo, Karla, Hellard, Margaret, Di Tanna, Gian Luca, Pedrana, Alisa, Saich, Freya, Hill, Sophie. (2023). Communication to promote and support physical distancing for COVID‐19 prevention and control. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews(10). doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD015144
This review is an update of a rapid review undertaken in 2020 to identify relevant, feasible and effective communication approaches to promote acceptance, uptake and adherence to physical distancing measures for COVID‐19 prevention and control. The rapid review was published when little was known about transmission, treatment or future vaccination, and when physical distancing measures (isolation, quarantine, contact tracing, crowd avoidance, work and school measures) were the cornerstone of public health responses globally. This updated review includes more recent evidence to extend what we know about effective pandemic public health communication. This includes considerations of changes needed over time to maintain responsiveness to pandemic transmission waves, the (in)equities and variable needs of groups within communities due to the pandemic, and highlights again the critical role of effective communication as integral to the public health response.
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