Vertebral fractures in Ireland: A sub-analysis of the DXA HIP project

Carey, John J.
Yang, Lan
Erjiang, E.
Wang, Tingyan
Gorham, Kelly
Egan, Rebecca
Brennan, Attracta
Dempsey, Mary
Armstrong, Catherine
Heaney, Fiona
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Carey, John J., Yang, Lan, Erjiang, E., Wang, Tingyan, Gorham, Kelly, Egan, Rebecca, Brennan, Attracta, Dempsey, Mary, Armstrong, Catherine, Heaney, Fiona, McCabe, Eva, Yu, Ming. (2021). Vertebral Fractures in Ireland: A Sub-analysis of the DXA HIP Project. Calcified Tissue International. doi:10.1007/s00223-021-00868-7
Osteoporosis is an important global health problem resulting in fragility fractures. The vertebrae are the commonest site of fracture resulting in extreme illness burden, and having the highest associated mortality. International studies show that vertebral fractures (VF) increase in prevalence with age, similarly in men and women, but difer across diferent regions of the world. Ireland has one of the highest rates of hip fracture in the world but data on vertebral fractures are limited. In this study we examined the prevalence of VF and associated major risk factors, using a sample of subjects who underwent vertebral fracture assessment (VFA) performed on 2 dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) machines. A total of 1296 subjects aged 40 years and older had a valid VFA report and DXA information available, including 254 men and 1042 women. Subjects had a mean age of 70 years, 805 (62%) had prior fractures, mean spine T-score was − 1.4 and mean total hip T-scores was − 1.2, while mean FRAX scores were 15.4% and 4.8% for major osteoporotic fracture and hip fracture, respectively. Although 95 (7%) had a known VF prior to scanning, 283 (22%) patients had at least 1 VF on their scan: 161 had 1, 61 had 2, and 61 had 3 or more. The prevalence of VF increased with age from 11.5% in those aged 40 49 years to>33% among those aged≥80 years. Both men and women with VF had signifcantly lower BMD at each measured site, and signifcantly higher FRAX scores, P
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