Towards an integrative approach for making sense distinctions

McCrae, John P.
Fransen, Theodorus
Ahmadi, Sina
Buitelaar, Paul
Goswami, Koustava
McCrae, John P., Fransen, Theodorus, Ahmadi, Sina, Buitelaar, Paul, & Goswami, Koustava. (2022). Toward an Integrative Approach for Making Sense Distinctions. Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, 5.
Word senses are the fundamental unit of description in lexicography, yet it is rarely the case that different dictionaries reach any agreement on the number and definition of senses in a language. With the recent rise in natural language processing and other computational approaches there is an increasing demand for quantitatively validated sense catalogues of words, yet no consensus methodology exists. In this paper, we look at four main approaches to making sense distinctions: formal, cognitive, distributional, and intercultural and examine the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. We then consider how these may be combined into a single sound methodology. We illustrate this by examining two English words, ¿wing¿ and ¿fish,¿ using existing resources for each of these four approaches and illustrate the weaknesses of each. We then look at the impact of such an integrated method and provide some future perspectives on the research that is necessary to reach a principled method for making sense distinctions.
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)