Web-based Systems Development: An Empirically-Grounded Conceptual Framework

Lang, Michael
Lang, M. (2007) Web-based Systems Development: An Empirically-Grounded Conceptual Framework. In Wrycza, S. (ed.), Proceedings of 2nd AIS SIGSAND European Symposium on Systems Analysis & Design: Education and Practice, Gdansk, Poland, June 5, 2007, pp. 80-91.
This paper encapsulates the main findings of an in-depth study of Web development practices in Ireland. The essential research objective was to build a richer understanding of the modern context of Web development and of how that context influences design practices. At the outset, a conceptual framework was derived through a synthesis of issues in the literature and an analysis of existing models of IS development. Data was then gathered through a dual-mode (Web and postal) quantitative survey which yielded 165 usable responses, and later through a series of 14 semi-structured qualitative interviews in a follow-up field study. Following an interpretive approach, elementary statistics and grounded theory were used to iteratively analyse the data until a reasonably comprehensive and stable explanation emerged. This is presented in the form of an elaborated conceptual framework of Web-based systems development as ¿situated action¿.
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