An Analysis of Model-Driven Web Engineering Methodologies

Lang, Michael
Escalona, M. J., Aragon, G., Lang, M. & Hilera, J. R. (2012) 'An Analysis of Model-Driven Web Engineering Methodologies'. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 8 (12):1-10.
In the late 1990's there was substantial activity within the 'Web engineering' research community and a multitude of new Web approaches were proposed. However, numerous studies have revealed major gaps in these approaches, including coverage and interoperability. In order to address these gaps, the Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm offers a new approach which has been demonstrated to achieve good results within applied research environments. This paper presents an analysis of a selection of Web development methodologies that are using the MDE paradigm in their development process and assesses whether MDE can provide an effective solution to address the aforementioned problems. This paper presents a critical review of previous studies of classical Web methodologies and makes a case for the potential of the MDWE paradigm as a means of addressing long-standing problems of Web development, for both research and enterprise. A selection of the main MDWE development approaches are analyzed and compared in accordance with criteria derived from the literature. The paper concludes that this new trend opens ainteresting new way to develop Web systems within practical projects and argues that some classical gaps can be improved with MDWE.
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