Managerial challenges of publicly funded principal investigators

Cunningham, James A.
O', Paul
Reilly, N.A.
O', Conor
Kane, N.A.
Mangematin, Vincent
Cunningham, James A. O', Paul; Reilly, N.A.; O', Conor; Kane, N.A.; Mangematin, Vincent (2015). Managerial challenges of publicly funded principal investigators. International Journal of Technology Management 68 (3), 176-202
Principal investigators (PIs) are at the nexus of university business collaborations through their leadership of funded research grants. In fulfilling their multiple roles, PIs are involved in a range of different activities, from direct scientific supervision of junior scientists, the organisation of new scientific avenues to engaging with industrial partners. With the increased impetus for public research to produce wealth through science commercialisation, research is increasingly orchestrated through programmes which seek to connect research avenues and markets. The role of PIs is of growing importance. The extent of managerial challenges encountered by scientists in the context of their PI role has not been the focus of any empirical studies. This paper examines the managerial challenges experienced by publicly funded PIs. Our study, set in the context of the Irish research system, found three foci of PI managerial challenges - project management, project adaptability and project network management.
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