Assessing ISO 18404 standard applicability in the service sector: a qualitative study

Cudney, Elizabeth
Sony, Michael
Ramadan, Mariam Ali
Antony, Jiju
Al Dhaheri, Maha Khalifa
McDermott, Olivia
Cudney, Elizabeth A.
Sony, Michael, Ramadan, Mariam Ali, Antony, Jiju, Al Dhaheri, Maha Khalifa, McDermott, Olivia, & Cudney, Elizabeth A. (2024). Assessing ISO 18404 standard applicability in the service sector: a qualitative study. The TQM Journal, doi: 10.1108/TQM-12-2023-0403
This research aims to establish the applicability of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 18404 standard to the service sector, identify any required amendments and identify the critical success factors and barriers to deploying the standard within the service sector. Design/methodology/approach The study used a qualitative approach by interviewing operational excellence (OPEX) professionals who work in the service sector. Findings The findings indicate a significant lack of knowledge about the existence of the standard and a general scepticism regarding the applicability of the current ISO 18404 standard to the service sector. Research limitations/implications Limited examples of the application of ISO 18404 in organisations exist, as only a few organisations have adopted the standard. Therefore, the research focussed on the challenges and obstacles that experienced OPEX professionals perceived could be an issue. Originality/value The study will aid service sector organisations in understanding the standard and, subsequently, determine whether to pursue it as part of an OPEX programme. This research is the first study on the application of ISO 18404 to the service sector.
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