Kindling the Fire - Exploring the potential of ICT to spark creativity and Love of Learning in Irish Primary School Pupils

Carley Greene, Rosaleen
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Creativity is essential for the holistic development of the learner, fostering an individual who espouses confidence in learning, who values close collaboration with peers and significant others, and who is inspired to engage in life-long learning. Such an individual is well-equipped for the challenges of the 21st Century. This dissertation explores the potential of ICT to spark this creativity and enthusiasm in Irish Primary School Pupils. Despite the existence of common ICT standards as defined by NCCA and NCTE, there is no consistency in the way ICT is configured in schools and integrated into the Irish primary school curriculum. A comparative study was employed involving two schools at opposite ends of the ICT spectrum (determined by the provision and usage of ICT and priority given to ICT). The study used multi-method triangulation (students, their teachers and parents) involving several research methods to capture the multi- faceted aspect of this thesis. It focused on the creative impact of ICT on the Arts. The findings indicate that higher spectrum pupils demonstrate greater creativity and collaborative engagement through ICT activities which in itself leads to more effective learning. Furthermore, ICT facilitated active engagement by the child in his/her learning experience. This contributed to fun and enjoyment in the learning process fostering greater enthusiasm for learning. This thesis concludes that the role of the teacher as a collaborative partner is key to achieving the potential of ICT to spark creativity and enthusiasm and, furthermore, that he/she needs support in achieving the desired benefits.
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