Phasing segmented mirrors using defocused images at visible wavelengths

Schumacher, A.
Devaney, N.
Schumacher, A. Devaney, N. (2006). Phasing segmented mirrors using defocused images at visible wavelengths. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 366 (2), 537-546
Plans for future optical telescopes of diameter more than 10 m are based on segmented mirrors, made up of hundreds or even thousands of segments. A challenge for these telescopes is the alignment in piston (cophasing) where phase differences between individual segments have to be reduced to a small fraction of the observing wavelength in order to avoid degradation of image quality. Based on the phase discontinuity sensing method used at the Keck telescopes to measure small piston errors using infrared wavelengths, we develop a new method that allows fast high-precision measurements of large piston errors even at visible wavelengths.
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